About Us


Memstar's initial service was based on the work of US inventor, Clark Smith of Vinovation. He recognised that reverse osmosis membranes allow the passage of certain undesirable components into the permeate while retaining most of the larger, desirable, vinous components in the concentrate. This allowed the treatment of permeate to remove the undesirable components using processes that would be damaging if used on the wine as a whole. The first application was to reduce volatile acidity and Memstar/Wine Network Technology is the Australian licensee for this process.

More recently Memstar has developed its own techniques for removing specific wine taints and adjusting alcohol. It has worked for hundreds of clients from the very largest producers to the smallest and has successfully treated many millions of litres of their wines. Its commitment to innovation has been recognised with a number of awards and it now has license and distribution agreements with companies around the world.

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